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Saunas & Steam Baths

A healthy sweat in our Leisure Oasis

Hut Sauna
Wellness oasis
Enjoy yourself in our relaxing area
Infrared Cabin
Infrared Cabin in the Indoor Pool Area in the Bründlhof House

There are plenty of "sweat rooms" for you to relax and enjoy at the Tirolerhof Wellness Hotel. Our Leisure Oasis with its Roman murals offers you the choice of a 90°C sauna or the somewhat milder organical saunarium. The steam bath's 100% humidity also strengthens your immune system and a visit to the infra-red cabin or the salty grotto will bring your body and mind into harmony.

Relaxing Room
Pinwood Relaxing Room
Relaxing Room with Waterbeds
"... and the cow is watching you ..."
Steam Bath and Sanarium in the Leisure Oasis

Our sauna area at a glance

  • Sauna "Hot Zirbe"
    A dry sauna with temperatures of appx. 90°C and a cool down room – encourages the circulation and furthers the cleansing process.
  • Organic-Sauna (Saunarium)
    A pleasant combination of the sauna and the steam bath. The air is somewhat more humid than in the sauna and is heated to appx.75°C. Perfect conditions for cleansing and building up the immune system.
  • Steam bath
    Heated up to appx. 45°C. The steam with essential aromatic oils soothes the body and soul.
  • Salty grotto
    With a foggy heat of appx. 50°C are coming particles of salt into the cabin. It strenghten the mucous membrane and activates the immune system and stimulates the oxygen in the cells and a healthy tissue.   
  • Solarium
    Enjoy a healthy 15-minute sun-bath. 
  • Infra-red cabin
    Enjoy the healthy pleasant warmth, which helps strengthen your immune system, relax your muscles, increase your circulation, encourage your metabolism and reduce pain.
    There is also an infra-red cabin in the swimming pool area.
  • Textile Sauna (in swimming pool area)
    Please only visit this sauna in your swimwear = "Family sauna".
    The sauna can be activated by guests at any time of the day.
Opening hours for the Leisure Oasis: from 14:30 to 19:00


Pinwood Sauna
Enjoy ...