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Adventure holiday in Flachau

Higher, faster, deeper –adrenaline required!!

High Rope Course
High Rope Course

If you are looking for adventure or for a new challenge then you are in just the right place here with us at the Tirolerhof in Flachau. Have a look at our special Mountain Activity and Adventure offers.

Sport & Adventure with Family Plus for the whole family at the Tirolerhof

An adventure holiday in Flachau is anything but boring!
Alongside the daily activity programme you can choose amongst various "adventurous" activities such as climbing on the high rope course, zorbing etc. from the Family Plus package – whose motto is "adrenalin for the whole family".
You can find out more information about a family adventure holiday here.

Full information about an adventure holiday at the Tirolerhof

  • Rafting
    Roll gently over the waves or paddle a bit harder through the spray and splashes of rough water. You choose the degree of difficulty.
  • Canyoning
    A slightly different watersport. You climb the waterfall from top to bottom. You jump, slide, swim or wade. Lots and lots of fun for water lovers.
  • Zorbing
    Zorbing is a new kind of adventure for everyone. You roll down the mountain in a zorbing ball. Hydro-zorbing is the same but in water.
  • High Rope Course
    Overcome obstacles at lofty heights, find the right balance between concentration, courage and skill – those are just some of the challenges you face high up on the high rope course.
  • Segway
    The Segway is an environmentally friendly electric vehicle with which you can dash through Flachau. Riding this self-balancing vehicle is pure fun!
  • Mountain Cart
    The mountain cart is a mixture of go-kart and toboggan. It's a fun holiday experience which you simply have to try out.
  • Summer tobogganning
    The all-weather "Lucky Flitzer" tobogganning run provides you with great tobogganning fun. You go up on the tobogganning lift and then back down on rails - the 1.1 km long tobogganning run brings you right back to the bottom of the valley.
  • Climbing
    A varied offer with many different climbing possibilities – fixed rope tours (via ferrata) on the mountain, a climbing tower or a caving tour – all are available for you in Flachau.
  • Outdoor Kart Track - AlpenKart
    Experience that racing feeling on the new 290 metre long outdoor kart track from AlpenKart. Fun is guaranteed with our 270 cm Karts, it doesn't matter whether you are young or old, beginner or expert. Show how much racing driver potential you have with a race against the clock.
  • Mountain Cart Guided Tour
    For the guided tour you go up the mountain in a shuttle bus. The mountain carts are pulled behind on a trailer. After a little stop at one of the mountain huts, you hop on the mountain cart and have two runs down the tobogganning run back to the bottom of the valley.

Activities can be booked directly at reception, or in the Flachau Sport & Activity Centre or on the online activity planner
Activity Planner

Funsport MountainCart - a mixture of Gokart and Toboganning
Guided Segway Tour