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Eating and Drinking for the smaller guests

Delicious children's menus with ice cream buffet for small gourmets

Wiener Schnitzel
A delicious Wiener Schnitzel on the children's menu may not be missing
Something special for those who like it rather sweet
Pasta eating
Delicious Pasta Dishes like Spaghetti in all Variations

On holiday, children don't need much to make them happy : making new friends, lots of space to play and interesting new things to discover. And now and then, in between, a quick bite to eat before they head back to the play area – on the swings or into the children's playroom.

We are always happy when our smaller guests enjoy our tasty, children's menus which are geared towards children's appetites and specially cooked for them. Of course, along with the French fries and the Wiener schnitzels, we don't forget about the healthy side of things and this is also an important part of our child oriented meals. For dessert there is a delicious ice cream buffet with lots of different flavours to try.

Children's drinks from the Juice Box are included.

When they are romping about in the play area, whether it's at a football
or basketball game, on the go-karts or jumping on the trampoline
they can get really thirsty!

That's why all drinks from the Juice Box are free for our little guests!

Sample from our children's buffet menu