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Childcare & Weekly Programme

A bit of variety for the whole family at the Hotel Tirolerhof

Family Walking Tour
Guided Family Walking Tour
Indian Day
The "Indian Day" - a Highlight for all Kids
Children Ski School
Children Ski School - right besides our Hotel

As well as a super childcare programme we also offer a varied weekly programme for the whole family.

Childcare in Winter

Kinderbetreuung im WinterDuring the high season in winter all kids from 5 to 10 years old will be looked after on 3 weekday afternoons here at the Tirolerhof.

If your little ones are attending a course at ski school (which is right next to the hotel!) and you make use of the lunchtime childcare, then you get double the benefit!
Lunchtime childcare also takes place at the Tirolerhof.

That's why we can give you a special price for advance bookings of a 6 day children's ski course including lunchtime childcare of only € 247,-.

1. Skischule Flachau - Partner Ski Schook
Phone +43 (0) 6457 / 2180 or 2181

Babysitting for the tiny ones

Babysitting facilities are available in Flachau at every bottom station lift. Small children and even babies from 10 months old will be lovingly looked after – also during lunchtime, per hour and per day – on an individual basis.

  • Dino's Kids Club at the Snowlife Ski School (for Kids from 3 years old)
    At the Hofstadl - bottom station Star Jet I -
  • Maria Höller Kinderland (from 10 months old)
    At the Dampfkessel Restaurant – bottom station Space Jet I -

Childcare in Summer

We also offer childcare during the summer holidays.
High Season July & August:
Monday to Friday from appx. 9.30 until 16.00
Low Season June & September:
3x a week from appx. 10.00 until 16.00

On the first day all the children get to know eachother and their minder through fun and activities.
With games of skill and laughter
The "Indian Day" is always a big highlight with all the kids! Arts & crafts, painting, collecting things, discovering nature, face painting and, and, and!
At midday they all have lunch together and to finish off a full and exciting day the children's film, much loved by all, starts at 19.30 in the evening (unsupervised).

We would like to show you a sample of our exciting children's programme.

Playing and having Fun during the Childcare in the Hotel Tirolerhof
Tret Gokart & Funcourt
Daily Meeting Poing at the Fun Court
Archery in Flachau for Adults and Children

A sample from the Tirolerhof weekly programme

There is always something going on at the Hotel Tirolerhof. We think up an exciting and varied programme for our guests every week so that you can try out new things and have lots to tell your friends about back home! The guided walks with the Master of the House are always in great demand. The sunrise walk, which starts at Flachau's Sport & Activity Centre early in the morning, is also very popular. Nordic walking and archery offers you more opportunities to do sport during our programme. You also shouldn't miss the weekly village square concert by the Flachau Traditional music band. The morning get-together at the Flachauer Musistadl with live music is another much loved event.

We will now also show you a sample of our weekly programme.

Hotel Post

Of course we inform you daily about each day's programme – here in the hotel.
You can look at the daily and weekly programme online in our new daily Hotel Post.

Walking Tour
Guided walks with the Master of the House.
Sunrise Walking Tour
Impressive Sunrise Walk
Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking in Flachau

A very special kind of fun – "Canyoning"

Family Plus weekly programme

You can have even more adventures with our Family Plus Programme. There are Active & Adventure Specials for the whole family!

Giant Ice Cave
Top Day Trip "Giant Ice Cave"

Day trips for the whole family

Many, many day trips especially for families are in the area around the Hotel Tirolerhof and add to the guarantee that you will have a perfect family holiday.